What is Illumined Minds ?

Illumined Minds is the organization that wants to continue the International Bebras Challenge on Informatics (Bebras Challenge for short, previously known as IBIC) in Pakistan at the same high quality as it was conducted in the past 7 years, lead by the son of Dr. Alla Ditta Raza, the initiator of this competition in Pakistan. Illumined Minds is now the official National Bebras Organizer for Pakistan, authorized by the International Bebras Community since May 2024:

We’re excited to continue working with schools that have been part of the Bebras Challenge in Pakistan and look forward to collaborating with new ones. Together, we’ll inspire students across the nation to develop essential problem-solving skills for the digital era

This year we will run the International Bebras Challenge on Informatics and Computational Thinking (Bebras Challenge for short) during 3-4 December 2024. These are all the important dates:
• School registration before July 30 (extended, free of charge) or before August 30 (late registration, 3000 PKR fee)
• Children and student registration (1000 PKR per child) by September 30
• Competition: December 3rd-4
• Results: December 9-10